Together, Whiskas and WWF will provide increased protection in key habitats, working towards WWF’s aim to double wild tiger numbers by 2022. We'll also focus on protecting tigers in the Terai Arc region of Nepal. It's one of the few remaining strongholds for this magnificent species, home to around 200 adult tigers.

Our partnership with WWF began in 2013 and with your help we have raised over £600,000. This money has been used to provide the following:

  • 17 new community based anti-poaching units comprising of 94 members
  • Solar panels to equip the guard posts with an electricity supply
  • Motorbikes to enable enforcement agencies to cover larger areas in a shorter space of time
  • Search lights, tents, life-jackets for river crossings on patrol, and bicycles

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It isn’t just in the UK that Whiskas partners with WWF and in 2014 we have raised money in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and Belgium with more countries to follow.

Whiskas is partnering with WWF to help protect tigers in the wild, their habitat and future.

The shared purpose of Mars Petcare and WWF to protect the independence and well-being of the largest of all the 37 cat species has been a great driver in the success of this partnership. We believe the expansion of our relationship will continue to be a catalyst for greater global public awareness around this critical issue. At Mars, we have many passionate Associates who are dedicated to looking after your cats, and it is our ambition to continue to harness this work for the good of their endangered cousins as well.

Frank Mars

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